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All offers include a free initial consultation in which we decide whether and how we can work together.

I attach great importance to transparency in my work, which is why I provide a detailed treatment outline after the first full session.

This way we have a joint overview and can design the coaching process according to your needs and capacities.

It is important to me that clients are well informed about their own processes, to feel and be fully immersed.

Duration: 60 Minutes
Price: CHF 180 (incl. VAT)

The individual coaching session is suitable for everything from a current state assessment to addressing specific issues and goals. With a focus on holistic care, we will work together to develop strategies for your personal development. This session offers you insights and practical tools that improve your overall quality of life and bring you sustainably closer to your goals.

Depending on your needs, packages of 3 to 5 sessions are available.

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