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All offers include a free initial consultation in which we decide whether and how we can work together.

I attach great importance to transparency in my work, which is why I provide a detailed treatment outline after the first full session.

This way we have a joint overview and can design the coaching process according to your needs and capacities.

It is important to me that clients are well informed about their own processes, to feel and be fully immersed.

Individual coaching

In person or online. Great for an in-depth personal assessment and for working on specific topics and goals. With a focus on holistic support, we'll work on strategies for your personal development. This session is ideal for gaining insights and practical tools that will improve your overall quality of life.

Price: CHF 180 for 60 minutes (pro rata temporis) including all intermediate and post-processing

Depending on the topic, 3 to 5 session packages are possible. 


Tinnitus and hyperacusis

Support with a holistic tinnitus and/or hyperacusis care plan – without devices

The plan includes:

  • A comprehensive assessment to understand your specific needs

  • Personalized therapy using scientifically proven methods, adapted to your capacities

  • Effective techniques to treat your specific symptoms

  • Ongoing support and adjustment of strategies throughout the course of treatment and in the weeks and months afterwards

This offer is ideal for individuals looking for holistic care and offers a way to improve well-being and navigate complex audiological symptoms. 

My approaches are based on research from the last 10+ years and my practical experience as a psychoacoustics specialist.

Price: CHF 200 for 60 minutes(pro rata temporis)

Recommendation: Package of 3 sessions over 4 weeks (1-1-0-1) for clearly “audible” results CHF 550

Prior medical evaluation are explicitly desired.


intensive coaching

Coming soon...


YOUTH Empowerment

Coming soon...


12w Transformation

Duration: 12 weeks

Price: on request – starting at CHF 10'000 

Limited to two clients per cycle

  • Comprehensive orientation and exploration of your goals and challenges, for a detailed outline as a compass for the next 12 weeks

  • Holistic coaching session once to twice a week (30-120min)

  • Mindset creation and experience reframing 

  • Personal Bio-System optimisation plan that integrates exercise, nutrition, temperature and other specific approaches for physical and mental renewal and balance

  • Building/optimising Circadian Rhythm: Strategies for healthy sleep patterns and an individually optimal (and realistic) daily routine

  • Practices for balance in everyday life

  • Building resilience and stress management

  • Ongoing support and resource activation for 12 months

  • 6 sessions with certified Gyro personal trainer Christina Strahm

  • Specialised support and accompanying measures for sensitivity and/or trauma (including HSP, ADHD, ASD, Tinnitus and Hyperacusis)

    Ideal for: Individuals seeking sustainable transformation and self-care

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