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Experience your potential.

Learn to listen to yourself.
What I Offer
Für wen ist Coaching?

Why Phonisk Coaching?

With my pioneer approach at the intersection of psychoacoustics and holistic wellness, my coaching embodies the merge between the science of frequencies, the principles of kinaesthetic, and holistic well-being. I utilise the innovative application of auditory science, to promote psychological and physiological health. 

I believe in transcending traditional boundaries, integrating cutting-edge research and highly personalised, holistic care. It is a philosophy and practice dedicated to unlocking the potential within, facilitating a journey towards resilience, self-awareness, and fulfilment. 

In choosing to learn to listen to yourself, you're embracing a journey of transformation, that respects the inherent wisdom within you. My approach is not about imposing solutions, but uncovering and decoding the answers already present within your unique individual experience.

Since 2020 Phonisk represents not only a new methodology, but a commitment to sustainable and meaningful change.

What i offer.

How I support

Sensory oriented approaches

  • Personalised sound profile (Psychoacoustics)

  • Acoustic environment analysis

  • Biological systems optimisation
    through safe, non-invasive, and 
    scientifically proven techniques to optimise your wellbeing

  • Establishing the individual Circadian Rhythm

  • Neurosomatic approach

  • Relaxation techniques

Cognitively oriented approaches

  • Mental focussing

  • Resource activiation

  • Systemic coaching

  • Executive Functioning training

  • Cognitive training

Support with

  • Tinnitus and Hyperacusis 

  • Building resilience

  • Stress management

  • Motivation, focus, discipline 

  • Mind-Body connection

  • Sustainable life balance

  • Sustainable weight management

  • Communication (internal & external)

  • Creativity (establishing and maintaining)

  • Burnout and depression prevention

  • Navigating hypersensitivity (HSP)

  • Accompanying measures for anxiety, depression, CPTSD, ADHD, and ASD

  • Trauma-informed care and gentle release work

Why the name "Phonisk"?

The name symbolises the fusion of "phonics" or "sound" with a holistic and kinaesthetic approach to well-being and personal development. The name elicits a focus on sound and frequencies and their impact on the human psyche and body, resonating with the fields of psychoacoustics and neurosomatics. Phonisk, therefore, stands as a beacon for a unique coaching practice that leverages the therapeutic potentials of these natural pathways to enable sustainable psychological and physiological transformations, integrating science and holistic care to navigate and enhance the human experience.

We are all capable of much more than we think.

Lao Tzu

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