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About me


Growing up in a family of more than four generations of healthcare professionals,

my interest in the connection between body and mind emerged at a young age.


This early influence was invaluable during my own challenge with a severe autoimmune disease, which I experienced from my early youth into my mid twenties. 

The turning point came when I discovered and integrated a range of holistic health  methods, which not only led to improvement but eventually to a complete remission.


Today, I enjoy optimal health, which I continuously improve through new learnings.

This experience has profoundly shaped my professional view on holistic well-being and motivates me continuously to find, research, and develop new strategies, methods, and treatments.


My professional career initially began in the world of gastronomy, where I worked as a chef for five years. During this time, I delved deep into the science of nutrition, food, and metabolic health. After this significant phase, I transitioned into the field of audio engineering at the SAE Institute in New York, where I particularly focused on psychoacoustics – motivated by my own experience with tinnitus and hyperacusis.

In my work as a coach and therapist, I combine these diverse experiences into a unique approach. I integrate neuroscientific and psychoacoustic principles with holistic and biosystemic methods to provide a comprehensive and effective way to promote personal development and health

Continuous research, as well as education, and supervision are fundamentally important to me and are essential to maintaining the quality of my work.

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